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The film about Syria Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution was sent to every member of the United States Congress to influence US foreign policy towards Syria


DVDs of the documentary film about Syria by Matthew VanDyke that were sent to each member of the United States Congress

I spent everything I had, over $20,000, to make this film because I believe in the power of it to change hearts and minds about the conflict in Syria. The Syrian revolution is at a critical point and desperately needs the support of the United States. I and other Middle East security analysts agree that President Obama arming the Syrian rebels with small arms and ammunition will not be enough to achieve victory against the Assad regime.

Much more is needed, and that will only happen with Congressional, and public, support.

I am not driven by the means, I am driven by achieving results. I chose a gun when I fought in Libya because at that time, in that war, it was the most effective way for me to contribute to the cause of freedom in that country and to help some Libyan friends I had known for years from previous travel to Libya.

In Syria, I chose the camera and this film because the most effective contribution I can make at this time, in this war, is to help influence world opinion in support of the revolution and encourage policymakers in the US and Europe to help Syrians win their freedom.

To maximize the impact that the Syria film Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution can have on US foreign policy, I have mailed DVDs of the film to all 535 members of the US Congress.

DVDs of Matthew VanDyke's Syria film "Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution" that were sent to the US Congress